Update Post

To all who have supported this blog and to my reader,

I first wish to thank all of my readers for following my blog over the years. As you may have noticed, I took a sudden hiatus and have not been posting to my blog or my YouTube. I have been taking time to meditate on God’s Word and focus on my family. In the coming weeks, I will be starting a new series focused on addressing three common arguments against the King James Version. The common arguments are as follows:

1. The “I love the KJV but…” argument

2. The “Archaisms and such” argument

3. The “KJV translators would disagree with you” argument

I may extend this series as I begin writing. In addition to this series which is primarily a “KJV” series, I plan on writing an article that addresses some of the core reasons why the Traditional position on Scripture is important and how it can practically benefit you and your church.

I hope this update finds my audience well.

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