The Textual Atheism That Plagues the Church

In this article, I attempt to detail the root problem facing the church today. Introduction There are many orthodox statements that are controversial in today’s Christian environment. Many of these now controversial statements have to do with believing in the miracles detailed in Scripture. If I say that God created the world out of nothingContinue reading “The Textual Atheism That Plagues the Church”

The Battle Against Onlyism

Introduction One of the biggest victories of postmodernism in the church is the demonization of objectivity. Subjectivity is celebrated and put on a pedestal so often that Christianity has all but lost its identity. This is abundantly clear if you have been following the SBC in recent years or have had a conversation with theContinue reading “The Battle Against Onlyism”

Mark Ward Proves That Defending Inerrancy Means Nothing

Many Christians believe that it is fundamental to defend the modern doctrine of Inerrancy. This would be true, if the doctrine of Inerrancy actually set forth anything meaningful. According to Mark Ward, Inerrancy means that “The Bible speaks truly in everything it affirms” (Ward. Bibliology for Beginners. 29.) Inerrancy is the doctrine that affirms theContinue reading “Mark Ward Proves That Defending Inerrancy Means Nothing”

Mark Ward the Conspiracy Theorist

Introduction Mark Ward recently published a pamphlet in November 2020 called, Bibliology for Beginners: What Does the Bible Say About the Bible?. I’m going to do a full analysis on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks, but I ran across something too good not to comment on here. If you’re familiar with Ward’s work,Continue reading “Mark Ward the Conspiracy Theorist”

Young, Textless, and Reformed YouTube Content

Greetings to those that follow my blog! I wanted to make a quick post letting people know that I have also been posting content on my YouTube channel which can be found here. My goal for 2021 is to continue posting articles and to also do video reviews of various blogs, comment threads, and otherContinue reading “Young, Textless, and Reformed YouTube Content”

Modern Critical Text Advocates Cannot Say Anything About Originality or Authenticity

Introduction There are a number of ways the textual criticism discussion goes awry. Sometimes the conversation is hyper focused on textual variants and “textual data,” other times the topic of discussion is Erasmus or the Reformed. What is almost always ignored is what the Scriptures say. There is a reason the Critical Text advocates doContinue reading “Modern Critical Text Advocates Cannot Say Anything About Originality or Authenticity”

The Defense of the TR is Not the Same as the Vulgate

Introduction Recently, Dr. Peter Gurry posted an article called “Cardinal Bellarmine, Trent’s Major Apologist, On Important Variants” on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog. The article is a continued effort to conflate the TR with the Vulgate. Gurry ends the article with this conclusion: “One last observation about Bellarmine’s discussion. I notice a similarity, mutatis mutandis, betweenContinue reading “The Defense of the TR is Not the Same as the Vulgate”

Providential Preservation

This article is a part of the series called Foundations of Protestant Bibliology. In this series, I will examine the core theological foundations of the Protestant view of Scripture. Introduction The foundation of the Protestant Reformation was Sola Scriptura – Scripture alone. It was the doctrine that usurped the Papist view that the Magisterium gaveContinue reading “Providential Preservation”

Objectives for Young, Textless, & Reformed in 2021

In this post I am going to give an overview of the goals and accomplishments of this blog, as well as provide an outline for what I will be working on in 2021. Original Goal The original goal for this blog was twofold. The first objective was to present and defend the historic Protestant viewContinue reading “Objectives for Young, Textless, & Reformed in 2021”