New Dead Sea Scrolls Find Gives Hope


On Tuesday the Associated Press reported that archaeologists discovered dozens of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments in a desert cave. The manuscript fragments include lines of Zechariah and Nahum in Greek. Crossway and Zondervan have already begun preparing the ESV and NIV 2021 to account for the changes. Among the find includes 2,000 year old coins along with a 6,000 year old body and a 10,500 year old basket. The basket is reported to possibly be the oldest surviving in the world.

Scholars have not yet determined how the mummy had earned that much gold 4,000 years after dying, or how the oldest basket in the world was found with a 6,000 year old body. Dan Wallace has not issued a statement yet regarding the lack of fragments from the Gospel of Mark in the find. If the discovery had yielded any fragments of Mark, that would have made them older than any text from the New Testament to date, putting them around the 3rd century BC.

1 thought on “New Dead Sea Scrolls Find Gives Hope”

  1. They also found a “wooden lice comb similar to one that might be used today, whose fine teeth had captured a small louse.”

    The plot thickens….

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