A Tribute to Brother Robert Paul Wieland: Introduction

Robert Paul Wieland was one of the most gentle and sincere defenders of the Textus Receptus in the 21st century. His YouTube videos were a foot in the door for many newcomers to the TR scene. He faithfully and accurately took on some of the toughest questions raised by critical text defenders and was one of the first men along with Pastor Jeff Riddle that I saw take on James White head on on the topic of textual criticism. I wish that I had the chance to meet him before he went to be with our Lord.

One aspect of Paul’s approach that has always stuck with me was his bold reliance upon the Reformed doctrine of the witness of the Holy Spirit working in the heart of the believer with the Word of God. He was unashamed to appeal to the self-authenticating nature of Scripture. This doctrine is often avoided by Reformed believers, and incredibly controversial in the scholarly climate we exist in today. I was incredibly humbled the first time I heard him make this appeal. I have used his material and have benefited from it greatly, as have many others. We can still learn from his faithful approach to the discussion of textual criticism. I rejoice that he is with our Lord and no longer suffering from his temporal afflictions.

This blog is officially one year old as of September 4, and I thought it would be cool to share some of Wieland’s arguments and comment on them in this blog. His insights are still valuable today, and my audience would be blessed to get exposure to his ideas. I have plans to transcribe his YouTube videos into text at some point, which I am looking forward to starting soon. To my reader, be on the lookout for future articles interacting with brother Wieland’s material. Hopefully it will continue to be a blessing to the church.

Here is a link to his channel, I recommend you take advantage of his content.

7 thoughts on “A Tribute to Brother Robert Paul Wieland: Introduction”

  1. Did not help me at all. Gave no textual evidence for his views only hearsay. For me a total letdown. Can anyone lay out for me a credible educational view on the textus receptus without condemning those you debate. Give me some specific quotes from eatly church fathers show me a family tree starting with textus receptus back to earliest manuscript evidence. Give me the exact manuscript what date is it.Where does latin vulgate the byzantine type text and lucian recension fiit in this family tree I believe you guys but you are allover the place with your presentation. White and earlman are strict to the point and consistent. Help me defend the textus receptus and divine preservation at a level white and earlman do to critique it.


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