Common Questions

This page is devoted to answering common questions with as little words possible. For in depth answers to these questions, refer to my various blog posts.

Is the Received Text Position Rooted in Fundamentalism, Traditionalism, or Emotionalism?

No. The Received Text Position is rooted in the Biblical theological position that God inspired, preserved, and made available the Holy Scriptures in opposition to the position that says the Bible was only inerrant in the original manuscripts which are no longer extant.

Is the Received Text Position a Reconstructionist Position?

No. This position does not believe that the Scriptures have been lost or have fallen away, and therefore does not think it necessary to reconstruct what has not been lost.

Does the Received Text Position Ignore Textual Data and Textual Variants?

No. Proponents of the Received Text have a different methodology for approaching variants than that of the Critical Text.

Is Modern Textual Criticism the Same as the Work Done in the 16th Century?

No. Erasmus, Beza, Stephanus, and others employed different methodology than what is being implemented today.

Is the Received Text Position Based on ‘Textual Mythology’?

Only if you believe the Bible being preserved and available today is mythological (i.e. Bart Ehrman and Atheists).

What is ‘TR Onlyism’ and ‘KJV Onlyism’?

Terms that at one time meant something but have developed into boogeymen set up by people who would rather appeal to your emotions than tell you the truth. Both of these definitions have been so convoluted that it is difficult to know what somebody even means when they use such terms. Some people in the position still retain them but for the most part these terms are just unhelpful.

Which TR?

The Scrivener edition is the most common printed edition used by those in the Received Text camp. This question is almost always asked by people who are not trying or willing to understand the position.