The Theology of The Text: Why Not the Modern Critical Text?

This article is the eighth in the series called “The Theology of the Text,” designed to cover the topic of the text in short, accessible articles.  The Theology of The Text: Why Not the Modern Critical Text? Many Christians in today’s context have never been introduced to the text-criticism discussion beyond what John Piper orContinue reading “The Theology of The Text: Why Not the Modern Critical Text?”

The Difference Between Appeals to Authority and Appeals to Providence

Introduction Recently, the claim was made that appeals to God’s providence are the same as appeals to authority regarding the Received Text. The argument goes, that TR advocates simply appeal to the authority of those that used the TR in history to justify retaining the historical text of the Protestants. This argument presents the caseContinue reading “The Difference Between Appeals to Authority and Appeals to Providence”

A Bit of Friendly Dialogue with Triablogue

Introduction Today I was pointed to an article posted by the brother(s) who run the Triablogue site. I thought that the points represented a lot of the mainstream ideas regarding the Confessional Text position, and that responding would be helpful for all. I am grateful for this chance to interact, and I hope my responseContinue reading “A Bit of Friendly Dialogue with Triablogue”

The Reformation Day Post: VERY Spooky

In the Beginning God’s Word has been contested since the very beginning in the Garden when Satan said, “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Eve then changes what God said, and Satan reinterprets it. “God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touchContinue reading “The Reformation Day Post: VERY Spooky”

All Scripture is Profitable, Except When It’s Not

Introduction It is easy to look at the textual discussion from afar and fail to see the relevance. If this is just about a few textual variants and the difference between “thee” and “you”, what is even the point? I want to zoom out for a second, away from all of the text-critical jargon, andContinue reading “All Scripture is Profitable, Except When It’s Not”

Textual Methodologies & Transmission Narratives

Introduction In this article, I describe the three distinct categories that exist within the context of the textual discussion. These categories are Textual Methodology, Text Platform, and Translation. A failure to properly recognize these categories as distinct will inevitably result in a worthless conversation wherein one person boldly enters a thread and declares everybody butContinue reading “Textual Methodologies & Transmission Narratives”

Textual Methodology, Text Platforms, and Translation

Introduction The conversation of textual criticism, which is properly called textual scholarship, has made its way to popular forums, Facebook threads, and even churches. Perhaps this has been the case for some time, but it seems that there has been a major uptick in people who have expressed interest in the topic. Oftentimes terminology muddlesContinue reading “Textual Methodology, Text Platforms, and Translation”