Six Reasons Why I Do Not Want a Revised KJV

Introduction I am in the camp of Christians who believe that Bibles should be translated into every vulgar tongue from the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Received Text of the Reformation. I have not always been so particular over which Hebrew and Greek texts I prefer my Bibles to be translated from, however. Over the yearsContinue reading “Six Reasons Why I Do Not Want a Revised KJV”

Are KJV Onlyists Asking the Same Questions as Mark Ward?

Introduction In an article posted on the website “By Faith We Stand,” Mark Ward addressed an article published by the Trinitarian Bible Society called, “Five Questions about the Authorised (King James) Version.” If you haven’t read Ward’s article, I recommend reading it before continuing here. I wanted to offer a response to his response inContinue reading “Are KJV Onlyists Asking the Same Questions as Mark Ward?”

A Response to Brother Mark Ward

Introduction First I want to acknowledge and commend the irenic spirit of Dr. Mark Ward as he presented a refutation of the position which he calls “Confessional Bibliology” in his lecture posted on September 27, 2019. For those that are readers of my blog, I have referred to this position as “The Confessional Text Position”,Continue reading “A Response to Brother Mark Ward”